Bluetooth module for your developments

Bluetooth module for your developments

I present to your attention a miniature module for use in various areas of development.
In particular, I am interested in the development of assembly of flying multi-rotor flying platforms (three, quad, hexo, octo, etc. copters). Having an android-based smartphone, I had the opportunity to adjust the flight characteristics of my helicopters without connecting them with wires to the computer.

Finally, I finished the review on the components for assembling the helicopter constructor (may the moderators forgive me for this way of reviewing, I had to work a lot collecting data and I think not everyone was able to read my work in full, since review was not written immediately)

and now I have the opportunity to talk about my future purchases
as well as the previous review, I will try to cover the topic as extensively as possible so that you can not only read the data, but also understand how this miracle can be applied for your own purposes.

This module reached me without any problems or defects.
As usual, in pimples and envelope-package.
Assembled well, very soundly, the contacts are gold-plated, microcircuits and other components are installed without bevels and filled with excess portions of tin.

The module is powered by 3 volts.
The antenna is built-in.

module connection diagram:

you can also purchase this connection diagram separately or the module itself with an already built-in circuit

connecting a bluetooth module, for example, to Multivi with improvised software (XP system)

Let’s start from the beginning

I bought a module, spent a lot of time looking for a manual for setting up and connecting this device, as always, everything is scattered around the forums, and even the software needs to be downloaded

well, in general, I read, downloaded, configured, connected, rejoiced from the bottom of my heart at the convenience of this device
in fact, everything is simple to disgrace and no additional programs are required